Business Internet Service Providers Compete on These 3 Things

There are three main areas that companies compete for customers on when it comes to business internet service.

  1. Price,
  2. Quality or reliability of the signal
  3. Speed
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Don’t you need business internet that is faster than dial-up?

are used in varying degrees by all of the business internet service providers in their marketing schemes to customers.  If you run an internet based business you probably need speed and reliability and may be able to sacrifice when it comes to cost.  You also may be willing to pay a little more if your company needs what is known as dedicated up-time.  Up-time just means your service will not be down or offline and it is denoted as a percentage usually (ex. 99% up-time).  Many financial institutions and hospitals cannot afford to be offline for even a few minutes and your business may be similar.  Companies like CBeyond offer dedicated internet service that may be somewhat slower than some of the higher speeds of Comcast Business Class internet or Verizon FiOS, but it is steady meaning speeds do not fluctuate by how many customers are in the area.

T1 dedicated internet usually comes with a service agreement, which means that the business isp will guarantee a certain degree of service and will escalate outages quicker than a typical internet service provider would.

Business Internet Service Providers Support

In the past that statement was more true than it is today because Business ISPs have recognized that good support during escalation of problems with service is key to retaining customers.  T1 lines offer 1.5 Mbps (megabits per second) speeds and can be purchased in so called fractions for smaller businesses.  Comcast Business, AT&T, Charter Business, Earthlink Business, Verizon, and others may offer any service level from 1.5 Mbps up to 100 Mbpsand even higher.

Google fiber is coming to some markets utilizing existing fiber-optic infrastructure to offer speeds even higher than 100 Mbps (possibly 1 Gbps – gigabit per second speed) to business and residential customers as well.

Comcast Extreme is looking to compete with a similar program to increase internet speeds to 505 Mbps.

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