Changing Business Phone Service and Internet? Compare Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon

Whether you are looking into business phone service and internet because you are unhappy with your current business phone line or because you are growing and need to move from a residential line to an office phone, Inckpen looks at the big three options.

Comcast Business Internet and Phone

business phone service and internet

Navigating your business around the game of internet providers can be challenging

A Comcast business phone is tied to Comcast business internet. Comcast offers its business customers voice calling service through Business VOiP. There are some differences between Comcast Business Class and its residential service. Most of the differences are related to the internet service itself rather than the particulars relating to the phone service. Since Comcast runs its phone service through the internet, they are coupled. Installation of equipment, which includes an IP gateway with firewall and router is $199 with a 1 year term with price breaks down to $99 with a 2 year term and $49 with a 3 year term. Here are the differences between Comcast Business vs Residential:

  1. Business accounts don’t have a monthly cap on data bandwidth like residential accounts have. Similar to your cell phone data usage Comcast caps its residential customers currently at 300 Gb of data per month. This may or may not be an issue to your business, but again this relates more to internet usage than phone service.
  2. When you are having trouble with your service, Comcast Business Class Support has faster turn-around times for repair of service than its residential counterpart. They also offer 24/7 technical support with many of their technicians not reading from a script. What this means is that they can offer better troubleshooting than just reading steps 1 -6 on a Que card.
  3. Business Accounts have the option for static IP addresses. All you want to know about them can be found here.
  4. Business Comcast has the ability to use reverse lookups to return what you want, assuming you have a domain. Again, here is all you want to know about reverse DNS lookups.
  5. Business Accounts do not have any ports blocked.

Comcast business voice can be purchased for as little as $30 per month per line and can go up from there. Their Full Featured Voice option is the cheapest but is only for 1 -5 lines and again costs about $30 per line. If you bundle internet and voice you can save a little and get a line with internet for less than $100.

Comcast Customer Service

Something to keep in mind is that a Comcast new customer is going to see more opportunities for a phone service deal than a current customer because Comcast sales is trying to grow their base and reach out to subscribers of other companies according to some insiders. This strategy is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to a loyalty model that most if not all of the discount cell phone service providers are touting.

AT&T Business Internet and Phone Service

With a traditional DSL internet and phone service model AT&T business phone service labels its plan the “All In One Advantage” and it comes with unlimited local and long distance calling at around $47 per month per line. The specs are similar to its residential service with not as many differences as Comcast. When it comes to internet, the speeds and prices range from $25 for 1.5 Mbps download speeds to $70 for 12 Mbps download speeds with an option for up to 18 Mbps download speeds for $85 per month. Upload speeds are much lower, for example ATT achieves 1.5 Mbps upload speeds on its 12 Mbps download speed plan for $70 per month. In a similar fashion, Comcast upload speeds are 2 Mbps on its 12 Mbps download speed offering for $60 per month. Static ip addresses can be purchased in a similar manner to Comcast and AT&T offers them for roughly $10 cheaper on average for a block of 13 of them.

ATandT Support

Business class support from AT&T hours are 8 AM – 5 PM ET according to competitors, but they recently released a new remote access tech support solution.  AT&T Tech Support 360 is a live 24/7 remote tech support solution that offers services ranging from one time services to monthly subscription packages. Options include help desk support and problem solving, server support & maintenance, and online data back-up services. Technicians can remote directly into your machines to perform any support issues with AT&T Tech Support 360.

Verizon Small Business

Verizon offers DSL and Verizon FiOS depending on each market’s availability. Verizon prices start at the lowest of the three at $19.99 for 768Kbps internet, which is slow by anyone’s measure. However, with fiber optic options that are available in some markets Verizon has the ability to offer 150 Mbps internet download speeds and 35 Mbps upload speeds, the fastest of any of the 3 companies. Prices are around $200 monthly for the fastest speed. Realistically, most businesses will likely need something in the middle and Verizon prices are a little cheaper than Comcast and ATandT. For example, Comcast offers 16 Mbps speed for $90, AT&T offers 18 Mbps for $85 and Verizon offers 15 Mbps for $65. Verizon Small Business offers customers 24/7 Business class tech support and charges separately for equipment and installation. Verizon FiOS comes with 20MB of web hosting storage included, but charges extra separately for storage with its DSL plans. Verizon offers static ip addresses starting for $20 at 25 Mbps.

Best Business Phone Service and Internet

Overall, each business phone service and internet provider brings value in a different capacity with Verizon being the cheapest option, Comcast being the more accessible across any given market and AT&T offering the edge in technology for customer support with its new 24/7 remote support solution. After your company evaluates the options above, let Inckpen know who you chose and we will update our article with your feedback.

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