Does Your Ecommerce Business Need Order Fulfillment Services?

As online retail sales continue to expand, order fulfillment services and pick and pack fulfillment centers are being utilized more and more by small businesses to get their products to customers.  Often the storage and shipping costs of products is a burden to specialty online businesses that are better served by focusing on their sales rather than order fulfillment.  Amazon fulfillment services is one major player with its distribution centers that make it easy for small and large companies to store their goods at a fulfillment warehouse until an order is received.  When the order is received by the small business the fulfillment center will then pull the item from the fulfillment warehouse and ship it. Companies like Amazon benefit from this additional means of maximizing profit and at the same time they encourage small businesses to choose their brand to sell products.  The easier that Amazon and others make setting up an online retail store the more potential they have to attract small businesses that will use their order fulfillment services.

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Can Order Fulfillment Services Boost Your Bottom Line?


Pick and Pack:  Should I Forego Order Fulfillment Services and Do It Myself?

In order to decide whether your business requires order fulfillment services you should ask how many of your particular product will you be selling?  How difficult would it be to package the products themselves?  One major consideration needs to be how unique is your product and market?  Amazon has been known to compete with its own sellers online by offering its own version of the products that are sold by its affiliate associates so be careful when choosing whether to use them for ecommerce.  Would product fulfillment cause your business to get off focus and involve expensive storage?  Remember that it is increasingly cheaper for a large fulfillment center like Amazon fulfillment to package and ship (pick and pack) your products since they do it on the order of millions so their cost per package even making a profit could be less than you could do it yourself. 

What About Order Fulfillment Software?

There are companies like Snapfulfil and FastFetch that offer the do-it yourselfer order fulfillment software so that you can remain organized when shipping your products.  Fishbowl Inventory is another order fulfillment software that links and integrates directly with Quickbooks.  Since Quickbooks is the accounting software of choice for many small businesses, it may be a good fit for your products rather than order fulfillment services.

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