Top 5 High Speed Business Internet Service Providers

google high speed business internet

Does your business need to step out of the 1980’s and get fast internet?

High speed business internet companies like Comcast, Charter, Optimum, Centurylink Business, Broadriver, and Verizon Small Business along with AT&T have a major portion of the marketshare for business internet services.

Businesses sometimes need customized phone and service solutions, and a business isp can either win or lose new customers by how they market to those needs.  AT&T can deal with any complexity level for these services since they have been around providing these solutions for so long.  Other companies may not have the expertise or decide not to set aside the resources to reach the unique customers and instead favor the mass model of less service for a lower price.  There will always be customers that compare on price only.

BusinessBee ranked its top 5 high speed business internet providers below on more than just price alone:

1.            Earthlink Business

2.            Centurylink Business

3.            Verizon Small Business

4.            AT&T

5.            Frontier Communications

Surprisingly, Comcast Business internet was not listed, but they do offer a wide range of business services and the company is surging in the market for business broadband.

Google fiber is beginning to compete with Comcast business class on the speed front in certain markets, which may further hinder their ability to set themselves apart from others even though they are a massive company.  Comcast sales had in past times been plagued by customer service issues, but in recent times has underwent customer service initiatives to boost its marketability as a business internet service provider.  When it comes to cost, Comcast promotions have boosted sales and along with the speeds, Comcast high speed business internet plans win on 2 fronts, speed and cost.

Companies like AT&T are better at customer service and reliability and Earthlink has created a niche for itself as a growing high speed business internet provider.

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