Mobile App Development – Why Your Business May Need It Yesterday

mobile app development

Is Your Business Ready for Mobile App Development

The Mobile App Development community has flooded the market recently with every imaginable solution to making a mobile website available via an app.  It seems as though regular “flip” cell phones without the ability to download a mobile app are an ancient relic when compared to the typical sleek smartphones in use today.  It can make a business wonder if anyone can find them on the web without a mobile website or dedicated app.

However, navigating through the decision of whether your company needs to invest in such an app or not can be difficult to most non-tech savvy business owners.  The saying “There’s an app for that” can also foster fear in a small business owner if they think they are somehow missing out on additional business because they don’t have a mobile app development staff on retainer for their product or service.  We will look at some research behind mobile websites and mobile phone apps, and then you can ask yourself a few simple questions to know whether it’s time to invest in a mobile phone app or use your resources elsewhere.

Mobile App Development and Smartphones According to Pew Research Center’s 2013 ongoing Internet and American Life Project cites 91% of the adult population now owns some kind of cell phone.  56% of all American adults are now smartphone users in some fashion.  Roughly 35% have some other kind of cell phone that is not a smartphone.  The remaining 9% of Americans do not own a cell phone at all (how is that possible?).  What we can say for sure is there is clearly a market for mobile apps, and we haven’t even mentioned tablets that use them.

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Is a Mobile App Key To Your Success

The phenomenon that is most interesting though is what is known as Just In Time Connections.  You will care about just In time connections for your business because 86% of all smartphone owners have performed one of them within the past 30 days using their smartphone.  If your business thrives from these Just In Time Connections, you need to be thinking about Mobile App development.

Just In Time connections are defined by Pew as users having performed one or more actions with their smartphone in the past 30 days to include things like:

• Decide to visit a business, such as a restaurant or store   – 30% have used their phone for this within the past 30 days.

• Receive help in an emergency situation, such as contacting a towing, rental car, or insurance company – 19% have performed this function with their phone in the past 30 days.

• Solve an unexpected problem on the go that they or someone else encountered – 35% of smartphone owners used their phones for this in the past 30 days.

• Arrange a meeting with co-workers, friends, etc. – 41% have done this with their smartphone within the last 30 days.

• Look up a sporting event score or highlights, check weather, traffic, or driving route delays – 23% and 20% respectively used their phone for this last month • Settle an argument by looking up information – 27% in the past 30 days.

These findings should help you to understand whether your business would be able to take advantage of mobile app development to provide these last minute users with your product or service at exactly the right time they are intending to use it.  So ask yourself these questions:

Will Mobile App Development Benefit My Business Sector?

Some businesses will not benefit from last minute searchers making on the spot decisions and some will.  For example, a plumber that specializes in emergencies may benefit from a mobile app that allows users to set up their home’s profile and schedule online service.  That way the plumber is aware of the size and scope of the need often before arriving to repair it.  On the other hand, a new construction plumber that specializes in new plumbing installation may not benefit from an app because formalized quotes and meetings for blue prints will likely occur before any action is taken by the customer.

Does Competition for My Product or Service Already Have a Mobile App?

If the answer to this question is no you may have found an avenue or niche that others are not taking advantage of that may prove to be profitable and timely.  If you are fulfilling a need with a new app that others aren’t you may further establish yourself as the authority in that business line.

Can I Take Advantage of Mobile App Development That Already Exists?

As we discussed in the very beginning “There is often an app for that” somewhere.  You may be able to harness the ingenuity of others especially if your local business is in another area from a company that has an established mobile app developed for them.  You can check with app inventors and web and mobile application development specialists in your area that may be able to build on previously created platforms for similar businesses at lower costs.


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