Migraine Relief: Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil 101

You’ll do just about anything to get rid of either a thunderclap headache or for migraine relief if you have ever experienced one of these debilitating headaches first hand.  One of the leading factors people consider in headache remedies as of late is the desire to find an organic option to add to their medicine cabinet […]

La Voz Kids Number 1?

According to Comcast, Telemundo Media’s 2nd season of La Voz Kids was seen by almost 3.5 million viewers on Sunday March 16, 2014.  Should you load up your age 7 to fifteen year old kid and head to Universal Studios Florida for a chance to compete? The winner could get a recording contract and scholarship […]

Got Kids With Smartphones? Top 3 Parental Control Software Under $100

Parental control software that kids can’t hack or render useless on their smartphone is an important part of a responsible parent’s duty these days.  It is becoming more rare to find kids that do not have cell phones of their own that they use regularly.  With that fact comes all the bad choices that teens […]

Idina Menzel From Frozen Movie Performs Let it Go with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

With nothing more than kids instruments Jimmy Fallon, The Roots Crew and Idina Menzel perform a great version of “Let it Go”, the theme song from the movie Frozen.  You won’t want to miss the talented group show off their “unplugged” skills as The Tonight’s Show star Jimmy Fallon caps off his second week in […]

ISS Tracking: View The International Space Station From Your Back Yard

Want to show the kids something exciting and interesting related to science and space?  With ISS Tracking, now you can sign up to receive alerts of when the International Space Station (ISS) can be seen overhead. The International Space Station orbits between 205 and 270 miles above the earth’s surface and is a monument to […]

Two Bible Apps Everyone Should Have

For many of us there are some must haves when it comes to mobile apps and Bible Apps are it for me. Google Play’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store offer unlimited possibilities even for Bible apps so it is only fitting to highlight what I believe to be the two definitive Bible Apps that […]

Marriage and Family Therapist Explains Questions To Ask Before Counseling

Often a marriage and family therapist will see a couple with real marital problems.  But according to some marriage counselors, there are a few questions that a couple can ask to let them know if they are going to get any solutions to their relationship from a marriage and family therapist.  1.  Are you willing […]