Xfinity vs Google Fiber: Internet Fiber Speed and Internet TV

Xfinity vs Google Fiber in the internet fiber speed battle is just one of the latest of many competitions to engulf cities across America, Canada, and the UK.  As Google internet gobbles up existing dark fiber circuits that cover many metropolitan areas they are increasingly becoming a real competitor to Xfinity (Comcast).  In the war […]

Need Product Design or Computer Aided Design (CADD)?  3 Free Options

Pay for Computer Aided Design CAD Software?  That’s a hard bargain… for most of us as individuals or small businesses because of how expensive it can be.  Whether you are looking for simple product design or need to sketch out what a home renovation will look like to give you a frame of reference you […]

How Graphene Will Change Everything!

You thought Google Glass would be a game changer, Welcome Graphene!  It could influence everything from your smartphone to your health, even down to your rechargeable batteries! Graphene material is a form of carbon that is stronger than steel and is able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without cracking or breaking.  This […]

3D Printing Available To The Masses! Enter The Micro From M3D

Whether your business is looking to rapid prototype a gadget or get your product into the hands of consumers for testing, M3D wants to help you.  The Micro from M3D is being labeled as the first 3D printer available to the masses according to its creator.  Using Micro Motion Technology the 3D printer proposes to […]

Home Security Systems Atlanta? You Can Do It Yourself Instead…Easily

Given up on finding home security systems Atlanta?  Every day I hear on the radio or television about how this company or that company has the best home security system and home alarm monitoring, but when you read the fine print the walk doesn’t add up to the talk.  Major cable and home entertainment companies like […]

Business Internet Service Providers Compete on These 3 Things

There are three main areas that companies compete for customers on when it comes to business internet service. Price, Quality or reliability of the signal Speed are used in varying degrees by all of the business internet service providers in their marketing schemes to customers.  If you run an internet based business you probably need speed […]

Does Location Matter? Comcast Houston vs Comcast Boston

Back on February 4, 2014 Comcast Xfinity announced it would launch its Xfinity X1 live in-home streaming TV and cloud DVR technology to new Xfinity TV customers in its Boston service region. This action prompts the question, does location matter when it comes to what Comcast services are offered for similar markets. Comcast Houston is […]

3 Things You Dont Know About Xfinity Black

Xfinity Black was released in a continuing commitment to diversity spanning 50 years since Comcast’s beginning days.  Its release in 2013 does not come without some controversy.  While affinity groups within Comcast’s employment organization exist for women and other minorities, African-Americans remain the only racial group within the Xfinity Comcast conglomerate to receive their own […]

DSL, T1 and T3, Fiber-Optic What Does All That Mean?

For your business you may not be as concerned about these different technology terms, but you will be concerned about what you are getting for the money. DSL Internet DSL or digital subscriber line is a high-speed internet connection that uses a regular business telephone line.  No new wiring or connections must be put in place since […]

Changing Business Phone Service and Internet? Compare Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon

Whether you are looking into business phone service and internet because you are unhappy with your current business phone line or because you are growing and need to move from a residential line to an office phone, Inckpen looks at the big three options. Comcast Business Internet and Phone A Comcast business phone is tied […]