Where To Sell Bitcoins? Bitcoin Exchange Rate Is Dropping!

Sell bitcoins may become the hottest Google search in the next few weeks since it looks like bitcoins as a currency could be in jeopardy.  You may not have heard of bitcoins as a currency or Bitcoin as a technology, but it is basically a form of digital currency that has achieved marked growth from […]

GTA Wiki – Why So Popular?

Since the days when Nintendo and Sega game consoles began to replace arcades as the normal outlet for bright eyed teens and adolescents, kids have been searching for ways to get a leg up on the competition. No wonder GTA wiki and other similar forums are so popular these days. Online video game forums got […]

ATT Uverse vs Comcast Xfinity TV On Demand and Remote DVR Options

If you are looking for On Demand TV viewing options, you might be interested in comparing AT&T Uverse vs Comcast.  There is quite a competition going on right now between the two company’s TV and internet packages, and it is probably because both services overall are good.  Comcast Xfinity TV and Uverse are well placed […]

Two Bible Apps Everyone Should Have

For many of us there are some must haves when it comes to mobile apps and Bible Apps are it for me. Google Play’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store offer unlimited possibilities even for Bible apps so it is only fitting to highlight what I believe to be the two definitive Bible Apps that […]

Uverse vs Xfinity X1 – The Winner May Surprise You

If you are in the market for new cable TV service you have probably noticed a competition going on between AT&T Uverse vs Xfinity X1.  X1 is being launched as the newest upgrade to Comcast’s television service platform in response to the AT and T Uverse package.  Although both TV services offer high definition TV to […]

Mobile App Development – Why Your Business May Need It Yesterday

The Mobile App Development community has flooded the market recently with every imaginable solution to making a mobile website available via an app.  It seems as though regular “flip” cell phones without the ability to download a mobile app are an ancient relic when compared to the typical sleek smartphones in use today.  It can […]

Is TextNow The Cheapest No Contract Smartphone Plan At $18.99/Month

Will TextNow be declared the cheapest no contract smartphone plan with its latest offering?  It looks like the unlimited low cost mobile phone service market has just expanded, and it includes smartphones with data for less than $20 per month. TextNow, which historically has been a free text and messaging app offered through iTunes has […]

Amazon Sales Tax – Why Now And Can You Avoid It?

Amazon has been in a battle for some time with the government’s decision to require online retailers like them to charge its customers sales tax.  As one can imagine, online retail companies like Amazon have benefited immensely over brick and mortar stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy etc. by not charging state sales tax. Amazon benefits […]

Is The Cheapest Tablet Found on Amazon, Ebay, Or Another?

Thousands of the cheapest tablets and smartphones are bought every day from individuals and businesses using services like Ebay and Amazon. Even in a less direct way some of the cheapest tablets are sold via Craigslist.  Craigslist does not enable direct buying of products via the web, but the transaction still begins there.  If you […]