Two Bible Apps Everyone Should Have

For many of us there are some must haves when it comes to mobile apps and Bible Apps are it for me.

Google Play’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store offer unlimited possibilities even for Bible apps so it is only fitting to highlight what I believe to be the two definitive Bible Apps that every smartphone user should have on their phone.  There are some cool apps specifically made for use outside of the church setting and others that you can open on your tablet or smartphone right in the middle of a sermon.  Either way the fact that I use both of these bible apps every day is my reasoning for calling them must haves.  I would love to hear what must have Bible Apps you use so let me know yours.

Youversion Bible App

cool mobile bible apps

One of the Bible apps everyone should have

Youversion’s Bible App is the starting point for my daily bible reading.  It is available for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.  Youversion bible app’s beginnings can be traced to Lifechurch.TV, a mega-church based in Oklahoma that has 16 locations across 5 states.  Bobby Gruenewald came up with the idea for Youversion in 2006.  Gruenewald, one of Lifechurch.TV’s pastors, found it difficult to find daily bible reading time and wanted something to help.  The app, which was originally only going to be a website took off in 2008 when Apple launched the app store.

It had roughly 100,000 downloads on the first week after its App store release, and recently it reached the 100 Million download mark.

Prior to Youversion becoming an app it was simply a bible reading website that was not successful according to Gruenewald.  Youversion’s free bible app has a workforce of 30 people and hundreds of volunteers making the $6 Million dollar per year operation work.I love the verse of the day that is shown on the home screen when you open the app each time.  The app has a feature, which allows you to share the verse of the day with your Facebook and Twitter friends right from the app screen.  This built-in feature encourages sharing God’s word, which is awesome and something I can’t help doing at times.  Listening to the Bible is made possible as well on the Youversion App.  You can download static copies of the Bible in over 350 languages, and there are over 600 different versions of the Bible available.  Downloading the Bible to your smartphone or tablet within the app allows you to NOT need an internet connection to read the Bible.

mobile phone bible apps One of the great mobile apps for audio listening released in 2010 as part of the Digital Bible Project, which is the world’s largest active collection of digital Scripture made freely available. was developed by Faith Comes by Hearing Ministries and has over 700 language translations to accompany its dramatized audio.  If you are looking for Bible apps that are great for audio listening this is the one.

Best Audio Listening Bible Apps

Although Youversion has an audio listening feature, adds the best dramatic interpretation to the scriptures.  Actors and actresses give life to the dialogue found in the word of God without interfering with the reading experience or changing any of the scripture itself.  Background music in some instances adds to the effects that make the listener feel as though they are actually in the scene that is being read.  For some people listening to the Bible a monotone interpretation causes emphasis to be missed. is one of the Bible apps that will be sure to keep your attention.

Now Deaf ASL is available!

It was developed exclusively in American Sign Language (ASL) video form so that the Bible can be seen via the app for those that are hearing impaired.  In addition, Faith Comes By Hearing has also integrated phone apps with the Jesus Film to stream video of the scriptures allowing full immersion into the Bible reading experience.  Visually, will appeal to your desire to be taken to the Bible scene itself.

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