La Voz Kids Number 1?

According to Comcast, Telemundo Media’s 2nd season of La Voz Kids was seen by almost 3.5 million viewers on Sunday March 16, 2014.  Should you load up your age 7 to fifteen year old kid and head to Universal Studios Florida for a chance to compete?

What is La Voz Kids

Natalia Jimenez, Prince Royce, and Roberto Tapia anchor La Voz Kids

The winner could get a recording contract and scholarship money.

The reality TV show garnered a gain of over 70% viewership from its first season and generated close to 40,000 tweets within a few minutes of the show airing.  Hosted by Jorge Bernal and MTv famed star Daisy Fuentes along with musical coaches Roberto Tapia, Prince Royce, and Natalia Jimenez, the show is the Spanish version of the ultra-popular show The Voice.

Is La Voz Kids a Good Family Show?

Historically, much of Telemundo’s Latin programming is provocative, but there seems to be a concerted effort to recognize that since La Voz Kids has kids in the name it should be somewhat family friendly, but you can be the judge.

Where is La Voz Kids Tops?

Airing on Sunday nights, the show topped other Spanish language shows in its time slot for total viewership in Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Denver Colorado. had 130,000 users watching the show, which shows the continued influx of internet TV viewership.  La Voz Kids is a popular avenue to display the massive Hispanic talent base here in the United States.  It should also be noted that sister shows such as The Voice on NBC recognize the Spanish influence and audience because since its inception it has starred a Latin singer in either Christina Aguilera or more recently Shakira.  La Voz Kids differs from its US counterpart in that most of the contestants on The Voice are adults even though much of the viewers are in the same 18-49 age group that made the Spanish version so popular according to Comcast.

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