Migraine Relief: Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil 101

You’ll do just about anything to get rid of either a thunderclap headache or for migraine relief if you have ever experienced one of these debilitating headaches first hand.  One of the leading factors people consider in headache remedies as of late is the desire to find an organic option to add to their medicine cabinet without breaking the piggy bank.  In addition, most of us prefer not to walk around with garlic wrapped around our necks or pigs feet drooping from our ear lobes as a home remedy given by the local witch doctor (pun intended).  So if you have ever researched Essential Oils you may know that headache relief is one of many uses for these oils.

Peppermint Oil As A Migraine Relief Is Not New

People of ancient times have used peppermint oil from peppermint leaves for their antiseptic value as well as their respiratory benefits.  People have used them also for promoting circulatory system health.  Many however do not know how they are supposed to get the benefits from the peppermint oil specifically for the case of a migraine or thunderclap headache.  Purchasing extracted peppermint oil from a reputable company such as Doterra, there are a few ways to unleash the power of their natural healing or peppermint leaves can be grown and harvested directly from your own garden (very simple to grow even in urban apartments).

Peppermint Oil Benefits

  • Take a small amount (3 -4 drops) onto your fingers and massage the temples and along your neck and hairline.
  • Mix peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to extend the soothing cool feeling on the skin and if placed on the neck for additional respiratory benefit.
  • Mix the peppermint oil with a small amount of lavender oil to add as a sleep aid if migraine relief is needed near bedtime.
  • Peppermint leaves can be made directly into tea for an aromatherapy

Find out more home remedies and uses for many essential oils such as Lavender and Tea Tree and get started using them today.

Little known peppermint oil fact:  Spiders hate peppermint

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