Got Kids With Smartphones? Top 3 Parental Control Software Under $100

smartphone parental control software

If you want to know what Zack is telling your daughter kelly, you need parental control software

Parental control software that kids can’t hack or render useless on their smartphone is an important part of a responsible parent’s duty these days.  It is becoming more rare to find kids that do not have cell phones of their own that they use regularly.  With that fact comes all the bad choices that teens and adolescents make when it comes to the use of those phones.  Remember all the crummy things you did that you are glad are only memories?  Now as you know, kids take a quick picture and upload it to Twitter or Facebook where it stays forever.

Did you know that one of the first things hiring managers do in a search for a job candidate nowadays is to look online at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to make sure that the candidate doesn’t have a risky past.

I know you say, well they have Snap-Chat now that is built-in parental control software because the pictures are deleted the next day…WRONG!  Anybody that wants to take a screenshot of the pictures can do so and save them to their own computer.  Also, there are other Snap-Chat apps or plug-ins that allow saving of pictures directly from the app itself.    Basically, you know that anything a teen shouldn’t do they are most likely trying to do and parental control software keeps them honest.  I know we all have good kids, so consider it more like insurance that is there just in case.  Let’s look at a few parental control software candidates.

PhoneSheriff Parental Control Software

Easy navigation with a web interface for around $90 makes PhoneSheriff a good choice for knowing what is being sent and received from your child’s smartphone.  When this software is installed on the cell phone you can log-in to your PhoneSheriff account and manage any activities you want to block or allow on the phone.  Prevention is the key to most parental phone controls and with PhoneSheriff specific contacts or phone numbers can be blocked completely from the phone.  That means no texts or calls can be received from those numbers on the phone.  Also, you can set specific time periods when the phone will be blocked from using the internet and/or receiving calls or texts altogether.  If you only want to block specific websites from being accessed you can set that up right from your PhoneSheriff account online as well.  Everything the user does with the phone is kept in a log without the capability of being deleted by the phone user, so if your child does access forbidden content you can easily find out immediately.  You can also set alerts to get notified if your child tries to access this forbidden material or if they try to disable the PhoneSheriff.  All phone calls, photos, texts, internet histories, etc. are maintained separately from the phone so they can easily be recalled even if the phone is rebooted.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a parental control software that is true to its name in that it works without the phone user even knowing it exists on the phone.  It may also be beneficial for employers desiring to manage their employee usage of a cell phone.  In a cost examination of Mobile Spy vs PhoneSheriff they are approximately the same price.  Mobile Spy can be purchased for under $100 and features extensive logging capabilities to monitor usage of all features of a smartphone from internet history to texts and phone calls.  Mobile Spy cannot set specific time periods to block usage of the phone for texts, calls, or internet usage, but it does have one additional feature that may be important to you.  Mobile Spy can record the actual voice calls that your child makes on the phone.  In addition, it can take pictures from the phone without the person even knowing so parents can know their child’s surroundings if they desire by having the camera take a picture on its own.  So, while Mobile Spy cannot block social media and internet usage it can keep track of any usage on the phone.

Mobistealth Parental Control Software

At just under $100, Mobistealth offers GPS tracking technology to be able to see where your child is assuming they are with their smartphone.  While internet searches cannot be blocked, logging of all types of activities is standard and reporting is great.

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