Live Forex Rates Tools and Winning at Foreign Exchange

If you are ready to dive in the foreign exchange market, good forex rates charting is a must. Our previous post on getting started with forex trading gave an overview of foreign exchange trading.  Now let’s dig deeper. Why do people trade currency? To conduct foreign business and trade, currency must be exchanged at some […]

Daytrading with Scottrade or Stock Trading with eTrade? Mistakes Not to Make

Daytrading investors never ask…Do I care about the company I am buying? Value Investors might ask…Which online stock trading brokerage firm is better eTrade or Scottrade? Time to ask the question, which type of investor are you…really? Daytrading or Value Investing While there are endless individual investors out there they basically fall into two categories. […]

Online Stock Trading Earnings Calendar – No Stock Broker Needed

Online Stock Trading with eTrade and Scottrade has become a modern day phenomena. A Stock broker would be needed in the past because of all the complicated questions. However, with the advent of day trading, there is quite a bit more information out there to help average investors with understanding commissions, types of stocks, earnings […]

Xfinity vs Google Fiber: Internet Fiber Speed and Internet TV

Xfinity vs Google Fiber in the internet fiber speed battle is just one of the latest of many competitions to engulf cities across America, Canada, and the UK.  As Google internet gobbles up existing dark fiber circuits that cover many metropolitan areas they are increasingly becoming a real competitor to Xfinity (Comcast).  In the war […]

Migraine Relief: Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil 101

You’ll do just about anything to get rid of either a thunderclap headache or for migraine relief if you have ever experienced one of these debilitating headaches first hand.  One of the leading factors people consider in headache remedies as of late is the desire to find an organic option to add to their medicine cabinet […]

These Identity Theft Methods Can Be Avoided

Every day it seems that more and more criminals are getting privy to our private personal details through identity theft. Identity theft protection is a multi-billion dollar industry with all the large insurance companies now offering one or more forms of identity protection through an insurance plan.  Whether you have decided to purchase one of […]

Need Product Design or Computer Aided Design (CADD)?  3 Free Options

Pay for Computer Aided Design CAD Software?  That’s a hard bargain… for most of us as individuals or small businesses because of how expensive it can be.  Whether you are looking for simple product design or need to sketch out what a home renovation will look like to give you a frame of reference you […]

Don’t Use The IRS As A Piggy Bank: Tax Withholding vs Tax Liability

Do you like using the federal government for your savings? If the answer is no you may want a better understanding of tax withholding vs tax liability as it relates to your paycheck. The truth is the government pays you an astounding 0% annual interest return on your money, and yet many of us still […]

BasicTalk Vs Magicjack Plus Vs Vonage

Magicjack and now Magicjack plus have some fresh competition in the ultra-low cost home phone service arena with BasicTalk now available.  Vonage, which has been somewhat of a household name in recent years has decided to team up with another household name Wal-Mart to create Basictalk phone service.  You might be familiar with all three […]