How Graphene Will Change Everything!

You thought Google Glass would be a game changer, Welcome Graphene!  It could influence everything from your smartphone to your health, even down to your rechargeable batteries! Graphene material is a form of carbon that is stronger than steel and is able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without cracking or breaking.  This […]

First 5 Things To Do If You Become A Victim Of Identity Theft! Bookmark This You Will Need It!

You may have just opened your monthly credit card statement and noticed charges that were not yours, or you went to apply for a loan and the credit score you expected was not what the banker saw.  Perhaps everything is fine with you…well bookmark this for later because identity theft is the largest growing type of fraud […]

3D Printing Available To The Masses! Enter The Micro From M3D

Whether your business is looking to rapid prototype a gadget or get your product into the hands of consumers for testing, M3D wants to help you.  The Micro from M3D is being labeled as the first 3D printer available to the masses according to its creator.  Using Micro Motion Technology the 3D printer proposes to […]

Home Security Systems Atlanta? You Can Do It Yourself Instead…Easily

Given up on finding home security systems Atlanta?  Every day I hear on the radio or television about how this company or that company has the best home security system and home alarm monitoring, but when you read the fine print the walk doesn’t add up to the talk.  Major cable and home entertainment companies like […]

La Voz Kids Number 1?

According to Comcast, Telemundo Media’s 2nd season of La Voz Kids was seen by almost 3.5 million viewers on Sunday March 16, 2014.  Should you load up your age 7 to fifteen year old kid and head to Universal Studios Florida for a chance to compete? The winner could get a recording contract and scholarship […]

Should I Itemize Deductions On My Income Taxes This Year?

There are two basic ways to approach the question “should I itemize deductions”  when you are ready to complete your federal and state income tax returns this year.  You can either itemize your deductions, or you can use what is called the standard deduction allowed by the IRS.  Obviously, you will want to choose the […]

Yo Adrian! 5 Ways to Knock Out Student Loan Debt

) If you graduated college or just took some classes using what seemed like it was free government money, you are probably being stalked by student loan debt.  Like the Uncle Ted in the bathroom…they just won’t go away and leave you alone!  It turns out that 65% of Americans that graduate from college with […]

Answers To All IRS Online Tax Filing and EFile Questions

The IRS has developed an interactive way to answer efile, online tax filing, and tax law questions for individuals and families that do not have the ability to have their own accountant or CPA on speed dial.  Depending on the tax filing topic, the IRS interactive tool asks you some simple questions and based on […]

What Paperwork and Tax Documents Do I Need To E-File Taxes?

In order to complete your tax returns whether or not you use E file or a free tax filing service, you will need all of your tax forms consisting of one or more of the following: W-2 income statements from your employer(s) for the entire previous year.  You will receive all W-2 statements by January […]

Free Tax Filing Directly So You Can File Taxes Online

The IRS has developed some creative free tax filing tools specifically aimed to help families and individuals file taxes online directly with the IRS. I know what you’re thinking, do I really want to use free tax tools from the IRS when I don’t trust them to begin with?  Nevertheless, with such tools as a […]