Got Kids With Smartphones? Top 3 Parental Control Software Under $100

Parental control software that kids can’t hack or render useless on their smartphone is an important part of a responsible parent’s duty these days.  It is becoming more rare to find kids that do not have cell phones of their own that they use regularly.  With that fact comes all the bad choices that teens […]

Top 5 High Speed Business Internet Service Providers

High speed business internet companies like Comcast, Charter, Optimum, Centurylink Business, Broadriver, and Verizon Small Business along with AT&T have a major portion of the marketshare for business internet services. Businesses sometimes need customized phone and service solutions, and a business isp can either win or lose new customers by how they market to those needs.  AT&T can deal […]

Business Internet Service Providers Compete on These 3 Things

There are three main areas that companies compete for customers on when it comes to business internet service. Price, Quality or reliability of the signal Speed are used in varying degrees by all of the business internet service providers in their marketing schemes to customers.  If you run an internet based business you probably need speed […]

Does This Show Vladimir Putin Disguised As Tourist Meeting President

There has been some rumor that a photo taken by Barack Obama’s official photographer Pete Souza over 25 years ago is Vladimir Putin disguised as tourist. At the time Putin was a KGB spy supposedly in Dresden, a city in Communist East Germany. The claim has never been substantiated since the Kremlin would not tell […]

Idina Menzel From Frozen Movie Performs Let it Go with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

With nothing more than kids instruments Jimmy Fallon, The Roots Crew and Idina Menzel perform a great version of “Let it Go”, the theme song from the movie Frozen.  You won’t want to miss the talented group show off their “unplugged” skills as The Tonight’s Show star Jimmy Fallon caps off his second week in […]

Does Your Paycheck Vary? How To Calculate Income Tax Deductions Anytime

Whenever someone starts a new job or is an hourly employee they often have a hard time determining how to calculate income tax deductions  and how much of their paycheck they will actually get to keep.  Many people live paycheck to paycheck, which compounds the problem, and since some of them do not work the […]

Business Phone Service, Business VOiP, Phone Systems, and Business Internet

When it’s time for an individual to move from a garage or single office within their home to an office that includes business phone service and business internet, owners and managers tend to lack knowledge of where to look to get the best pricing on a business phone line along with business broadband.  After all, the commercials on television are fewer […]

Does Location Matter? Comcast Houston vs Comcast Boston

Back on February 4, 2014 Comcast Xfinity announced it would launch its Xfinity X1 live in-home streaming TV and cloud DVR technology to new Xfinity TV customers in its Boston service region. This action prompts the question, does location matter when it comes to what Comcast services are offered for similar markets. Comcast Houston is […]

3 Things You Dont Know About Xfinity Black

Xfinity Black was released in a continuing commitment to diversity spanning 50 years since Comcast’s beginning days.  Its release in 2013 does not come without some controversy.  While affinity groups within Comcast’s employment organization exist for women and other minorities, African-Americans remain the only racial group within the Xfinity Comcast conglomerate to receive their own […]

DSL, T1 and T3, Fiber-Optic What Does All That Mean?

For your business you may not be as concerned about these different technology terms, but you will be concerned about what you are getting for the money. DSL Internet DSL or digital subscriber line is a high-speed internet connection that uses a regular business telephone line.  No new wiring or connections must be put in place since […]