These Identity Theft Methods Can Be Avoided

Every day it seems that more and more criminals are getting privy to our private personal details through identity theft. Identity theft protection is a multi-billion dollar industry with all the large insurance companies now offering one or more forms of identity protection through an insurance plan.  Whether you have decided to purchase one of these identity theft protection plans, put a fraud alert on your own credit report, or began a proactive campaign against ID theft with credit monitoring of some sort, we decided to provide some insights into the criminal playbook of these identity thieves and their methods.  Any of the techniques used by an identity thief will change over time so be aware of that when protecting yourself.

Stolen Identity Victim Says “Don’t Use A Debit Card For Internet Purchases”

A simple tried and true method for keeping your cash in your own checking account is not to use a debit card when making purchases over the internet or when making purchases that require another person to actually touch or take your debit card out of your sight.  PCI compliance standards, which is the governing authority for credit card companies has specific rules and an elevated level of liability from a security standpoint any time a transaction requires anyone other than the card holder to touch the card or see the numbers on the card.

What that means is the more people that touch or see your debit card, the higher the risk!

Identity Theft Statistics Show Frequent Hospital/Medical Crime

ID thieves stolen identity

Don’t let Identity theft catch your wallet off-guard

ID thieves say that a practical mountain of highly personal information floats around medical facilities and hospitals.  Much of this information despite HIPAA regulations is wide open for the taking to these thieves.  You can help protect this information by monitoring your medical bills and statements of benefits and destroying them when finished with them.  In addition, statements can be emailed electronically instead and signing up to receive information online in lieu of snail (regular) mail can help as well as long as the electronic records are sent to a secured mailbox.

Identity Thief Claims Be Careful About Your Trash

When you throw away credit card offers received in the mail do you rip up the pre-approval details of the offer or your personal information? If not, ID theft criminals claim you may become an easier target.  Crooks say that your best action plan when trying to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft is to make yourself a harder target than the average person.  Did you know that you can call and opt-out of receiving 99% of these credit card and financing offers in the mail.

You can call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT  (1-888-567-8688) in order to remove yourself from the list of consumers sent to third-party vendors for credit card and other offers.

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