BasicTalk Vs Magicjack Plus Vs Vonage

Magicjack and now Magicjack plus have some fresh competition in the ultra-low cost home phone service arena with BasicTalk now available.  Vonage, which has been somewhat of a household name in recent years has decided to team up with another household name Wal-Mart to create Basictalk phone service.  You might be familiar with all three of these names, but you may not have looked at them side by side by side to see if you could save yourself some money.  The bottom line is to get better quality than what used to be available in the marketplace at a super cheap cost to you on a monthly basis.  Let’s look at each one.

Compare Magicjack Plus

Can MagicJack win over BasicTalk and Others?

MagicJack Plus Vs Vonage

MagicJack Plus works on the same platform as Vonage in that both are (VOiP) voice over internet protocol  phone services that use an adapter to transmit analog residential phone service through a high-speed internet connection.  Vonage does not require the use of a computer to make or receive phone calls, and neither does Magicjack Plus.  The original MagicJack needed a computer to be on and running to use phone features because the software for the USB adapter made the device work properly.  Since the release of the newer MagicJack Plus a computer is no longer needed, however a high-speed internet connection is still required.

MagicJack Plus Plans Vs Vonage Plans

To use MagicJack Plus you must purchase the small adapter for $50 that can be either plugged in directly to your computer or your wall, and the purchase comes with 6 months of Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling to the U.S. and Canada.  After the 6 month free introductory period, the cost of Magicjack Plus is $30 per year to renew for 1 year increments or $100 for a five-year plan for the same calling features to the US and Canada.

Vonage boasts the ability to make and receive unlimited calls to over 60 countries long distance in addition to the US starting at $9.99 per m0nth for the first 3 months.  The price goes to $27 for the remaining months of a 12 month contract.  Without a contract you are paying $25 month one.  You can expect to pay $25 per month for unlimited calling to the US and Canada with Vonage as compared to Magicjack Plus of less than $3 per month.  Vonage has too many plans to detail here, but Vonage is probably something you would consider if you want good call quality to long distance locations such as the Philippines, Mexico, or others. Vonage also has business phone plans starting at $49.95 per month.

BasickTalk vs Vonage

Is BasicTalk enough to make good money cents?

MagicJack Vs BasicTalk

Vonage recently recognized that it is losing out to MagicJack and others so it is now teaming up with Wal-Mart to introduce BasicTalk.  BasicTalk home phone service is unlimited to anywhere in the U.S for around $10 per month.  No international calling comes with BasicTalk vs MagicJack, which only allows Canada.  It requires a device (similar to Magicjack) and a high speed internet connection, but BasicTalk does not require a computer or software to be installed.  The BasicTalk box can be purchased for about $10, but it can also be achieved free with a sign-up for BasicTalk service on their website.

Inckpen Recommendations

If your aim is the lowest cost service of the three to the US and Canada only, Magicjack Plus wins.  It is also portable so you can take it with you as long as you have an internet connection.  If you need international calling outside of Canada and Puerto Rico, Vonage  is your only option of these, but is still likely to be cheaper than AT&T.  If you do not want to purchase any equipment before starting service, BasicTalk allows you to sign up for your first month with no $50 device fee like Magicjack, so it may be your best option in that case.

In terms of call quality, Vonage used to be the clear winner over Magicjack, but BasicTalk is probably equal now.  MagicJack relies on sketchy customer service, and you can expect as a low-cost subscription service that fact will continue.


  1. I have Basic Talk with a problem the phone line does not ring .tried calling Basic Talk received an automated recording refering me to the website hello. trying to get a human voice . to answer a speciallized problem, i have several phones using telehone lines that were land lines before basic talk. This problem is recent.

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