Is The Cheapest Tablet Found on Amazon, Ebay, Or Another?

cheapest tablet ebay or amazon

Cheapest Tablets Anyone?
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Thousands of the cheapest tablets and smartphones are bought every day from individuals and businesses using services like Ebay and Amazon. Even in a less direct way some of the cheapest tablets are sold via Craigslist.  Craigslist does not enable direct buying of products via the web, but the transaction still begins there.  If you have ever purchased something using any of these services (again I use that term service loosely for Craigslist but the idea still holds true) then you have probably asked yourself the question…

Did I really get the cheapest tablet all things considered?

When buying a used product like a tablet it is extremely important to most of us that the tablet work properly and be in good condition with all of the promised accessories from any words and pictures included in the ad description.  Both Amazon and Ebay offer a marketplace whereby sellers and buyers can meet and exchange goods.  However, in a head to head comparison of Ebay vs Amazon for the cheapest tablets who is the best choice is not always as clear as it seems. Looking deeper into the two companies themselves may provide some insight.

Buying Power For The Cheapest Tablet

Since price is the dominating characteristic that consumers are interested in we can look at some of the metrics that can affect price to see whether one company has an advantage.  Amazon has for years sought to increase its buying power as a brand so that the price per unit of any single item decreases.  Thus Amazon’s profit margins either increase or its ability to compete and gain market share on any one item become better when it is offered at lower prices for the same profit. Under CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon became the world’s largest online retailer using some of the principles that made Wal-Mart the world’s leading retailer.  One such way is by selling everything at low margins but extremely high volume. One industry expert describes Wal-Mart affectionately saying, “they may sell everything for only a little profit, but remember they still sell everything.” Amazon is becoming that way.  The typical seller on Ebay even if very close to the manufacturer cannot compete with Amazon on buying power for the cheapest tablet or many other items.  Even with new Amazon sales tax requirements, the company has buying power cornered.

Amazon fulfillment center vs ebay cheapest tablet

One of Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers
Photographer: Joshua Lott/Bloomberg

In addition, Amazon finds new markets to enter every day by analyzing its own seller’s sales data and looking for ways to provide those products directly from Amazon. This competition with its own sellers has caused many Amazon associates to look for other ways to sell their unique products so that Amazon does not crowd them out by selling their product directly. That distinction in the two websites’ business models may affect the deal you receive.  Ebay needs a good relationship with its sellers so that they provide more and more products to sell on the market.  On the other hand, Amazon is looking to be the provider direct.  Amazon may end up selling more tablets because they cater to consumers rather than sellers.

Catering to the buyer or customer on an extreme basis may eventually catch up to Amazon since they are not necessarily a manufacturer of products and manufacturers can only bend so far before they break without the ability to make a profit and still have room for Amazon to make their own but for now it is making Amazon wildly successful.

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