Free Tax Filing Directly So You Can File Taxes Online

The IRS has developed some creative free tax filing tools specifically aimed to help families and individuals file taxes online directly with the IRS.

I know what you’re thinking, do I really want to use free tax tools from the IRS when I don’t trust them to begin with? 

free tax filing online

Can you take advantage of free tax filing options?

Nevertheless, with such tools as a free interactive tax assistant for answering tax law questions and step by step free tax filing directly through the IRS website it is an additional legitimate option for those that don’t want to invest in their own software or are on a tight budget.  Using proven formats similar to TurboTax software, the IRS uses an interview method for helping individuals and families efile these tax forms.  Typical costs of using a CPA could range from $200 to anything you want to pay as the complexity of your return increases.

At least with these free e file options and IRS forms the internal revenue service is recognizing that the tax system is too complex to navigate without aid these days.

Here is How Free Tax Filing Works to File IRS Taxes Online

If your adjusted gross income (AGI) is less than $58,000 annually, you can choose to efile through 1 of 14 free tax preparation software companies that make their services available for free through the IRS.

  • If you made above $58,000 AGI, the IRS has created fillable free online tax filing forms here.
  • Each individual IRS e file company sets its own eligibility standards, and you may qualify to use more than one of these companies based on your state residency, military status, income, age, etc. (Don’t worry you will qualify for at least one).
  • If you have the choice pick a free efile company that also offers a free state tax filing option.  This will save you additional money.

To Begin Free Tax Filing Select one of the following:

1.       Determine the best IRS e file option by my eligibility answers

2.       I will choose, let me see the full list of 14 tax preparation companies and their eligibility standards.

Here are some additional resources you may need before you begin your free tax filing with the IRS:

What paperwork do I need to file taxes online for free?

What should I do if I have more specific questions about free tax filing?

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