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Tax Questions Got You In knots?

The IRS has developed an interactive way to answer efile, online tax filing, and tax law questions for individuals and families that do not have the ability to have their own accountant or CPA on speed dial.  Depending on the tax filing topic, the IRS interactive tool asks you some simple questions and based on your answers it will generate the correct response expected to be filled in or sent to the IRS.

To Access the IRS interactive Tax Help:

Check Here

The online tax information is totally anonymous, and you will need to fill in only generic information about your specific question.  There are a vast array of topics and tax questions to choose from including IRS e file, how to calculate income tax, etc. and they can all be accessed below.  Once you go to the IRS site link, scroll down to either one of the frequently asked questions to begin or enter your specific question in the search box.

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