What Does Johnny Depp Lone Ranger Portrayal Teach Us About Business?

Johnny Depp Lone Ranger Tonto

Johnny Depp Lone Ranger Counterpart Tonto

The Johnny Depp Lone Ranger portrayal of Tonto can certainly teach us some things about money if we look deep into the headlines.  At first glance the movie Lone Ranger, which as of about a week ago had amassed around $100 Million at the box office seems to have been a success.  However, since it came at a cost of around $250 Million to make it is safe to call it a flop…but don’t do that in front of Mr. Depp.

Johnny and others claim that reviews of the movie became somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy since many of the reviews were bad.  He complained that the movie reviewers said the movie was not very good before people had a chance to make up their own minds at the theater.  It is novel to note that he didn’t complain when the Pirates of the Caribbean juggernaut was reviewed with positive oblations at each sequel well before the movie was released.

Anyway, the key for us to remember when we as individuals undertakes a new business venture  is that we remember to be original.  Especially for artistic adventures such as media originality of character is king and familiarity breeds contempt.

Johnny Depp Lone Ranger Sidekick Tonto or Captain Jack Sparrow in a Different Costume?

What?!?  Let me explain…The people that reviewed Johnny Depp Lone Ranger Tonto character as a sidekick were harping the same tune that it seemed like he was the same old Captain Jack Sparrow dressed in the wild west days.  We love Captain Jack, but not as The Lone Ranger’s sidekick.  Although we love sequels and want the same actors like Harrison Ford to play major roles in movies, we want to meet a new side to them.  We want to see them as a completely different character yet with the same great command of the screen.  If you want to be successful in business you want to meet someone’s need in a new way, but you also want them to see you as a familiar face to their industry or profession.  They want to trust your brand and if they do they will reward you better than they rewarded Johnny and his feathers.

Tip of the Day:

Originality of character is king

Familiarity breeds contempt

Let Johnny Depp Lone Ranger Tonto’s Rotten Tomatoes score of 28% be your reminder and you’ll go far!

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