Online Stock Trading Earnings Calendar – No Stock Broker Needed

Online Stock Trading with eTrade and Scottrade has become a modern day phenomena. A Stock broker would be needed in the past because of all the complicated questions. However, with the advent of day trading, there is quite a bit more information out there to help average investors with understanding commissions, types of stocks, earnings and the like.  Stock prices being based on a stock’s earning is one important aspect of day trading and value investing.

Stock Futures and The eTrade Earnings Calendar

Simply put, stock futures are a contract either to sell or buy some specific amount of a stock for a set price on a specific future date. Many people use stock earnings calendars to determine when a company will report its stock earnings.  Then, they use those dates to calculate when a good time to buy that stock will be.  There is often a substantial change in price (either positive or negative) when the earnings are reported. Large swings in price for an online stock trading investor can signal large gains (or possible large losses).

Online Stock Trading Earnings Calendar

Online Stock Trading Stock Earnings Calendar

Online Stock Trading Strategies Use Earnings Calendars

Whether you are an investment guru looking for the best preferred stock or a weekend warrior searching for a mutual fund knowing the US earnings calendar will be important.  Finding the right time to buy stocks as opposed to buying in at a time that is inflated is key.  Often companies will post their quarterly or annual earnings for a specific time period after the end of a trading day so that wild fluctuations in price do not occur.  For those in the stock research field, the day a company reports its earnings can be a time of justification.  Knowing research was correct is gratifying, but it can also be a sobering time if estimates were off base.


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