What Paperwork and Tax Documents Do I Need To E-File Taxes?

In order to complete your tax returns whether or not you use E file or a free tax filing service, you will need all of your tax forms consisting of one or more of the following:

e file tax documents

Does IRS paperwork make you do this?

  1. W-2 income statements from your employer(s) for the entire previous year.  You will receive all W-2 statements by January 31st of the next year for the previous year’s wages if you work for someone else and taxes are withheld for you.  W-2 tax forms are the summary statement of all wages you received in the previous year and the tax amounts withheld by your employer.  You will receive one for each employer that you worked for in the year.
  2. Any 1098 forms, which are statements from any companies that you paid mortgage interest or student loan interest in the year.
  3. If any contractors paid you over $600 in the previous year or interest was earned from banks for example in a savings account you will receive a 1099 form, which you will need to complete your tax return.  If you worked for someone else and made less than $600 in the year you will still need to report that income, you just will not receive a 1099 form from the employer or person.  Unemployment income will be reported and sent to you on a 1099 tax form and will need to be included since it is taxable income.

If You Are using e file for Filing Taxes with Itemized Deductions

  • You will need any summaries of charitable donations and receipts for other tax deductible items.  Although you will need these receipts to calculate the amounts during efile, you will not turn these in to the IRS.  They need to be kept in the case that you are audited by the IRS at a later time.
  • For additional questions, the IRS has developed an interactive tax assistant that gives more personalized answers to specific questions.  Topics include everything from who can I claim as a dependant to how do I file a deceased person’s taxes.

To calculate how much you need to have withheld from your paycheck for taxes each week, check here for income tax deductions.

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