Uverse vs Xfinity X1 – The Winner May Surprise You

Uverse vs Xfinity

AT&T Uverse vs Xfinity X1 – Clash of the Titans

If you are in the market for new cable TV service you have probably noticed a competition going on between AT&T Uverse vs Xfinity X1.  X1 is being launched as the newest upgrade to Comcast’s television service platform in response to the AT and T Uverse package.  Although both TV services offer high definition TV to their paid subscribers, there are real differences in the product offerings and in the way playback of recordings is managed.

Uverse vs Xfinity – How Do They Work

Previous to the roll out of the X1 technology, a Comcast DVR box worked similarly to a local hard drive on your computer.  It allowed you to record and store TV shows from a single terminal.  It did not allow the ability to gain access to the recordings from another television in a different room.  For example, if you chose to record a show from your living room television you would be required to play that recording back from that specific TV.  When AT&T Uverse came into the market they offered the ability to DVR a recording from one television and play it back on any Uverse equipped TV.  ATandT calls this feature the whole home DVR.  This single feature has been a real seller for AT&T because of its obvious benefit over Xfinity service.

Now Comcast Xfinity is in full launch mode of its alternative to AT&T and its Uverse whole home DVR.  Its own version is called the X1 platform and X1 DVR.  The product previous to August 2013 was so new that many of the sales force and technicians working for Comcast were not fully aware of the limitations and capabilities of it.  Now Comcast seems to have a hold on the technology as evidenced by research conducted with Comcast sales supervisors recently.

To be able to gain access to the Xfinity X1 service an X1 router is needed for each of the televisions that will use it.  However, only one DVR receiver will be needed for what is chosen as the main TV, which also is required to be an X1 receiver.  Any X1 equipped receiver is labeled on the back of the box itself.  If installed properly, subscribers will be able to record movies and television shows from any television and play them back from any other TV controlled by an X1 receiver.  This is true regardless of which television it was recorded on originally.  Additionally, Xfinity will no longer charge for separate DVR boxes.  this is something to consider when comparing Uverse vs Xfinity.

Uverse vs XFinity X1 Pricing

When bundling services, Comcast Xfinity X1 offers better pricing as compared to ATT Uverse.  But pricing shouldn’t be your only decision factor.  Xfinity offers their Triple Play service, which is their bundled internet, VOiP phone service, and cable TV for about $100 plus taxes.  Similar to other providers don’t be tricked into thinking that installation and receivers are included in the deal before taking a close look at the terms from either company.

AT&T Uverse internet, phone, and digital TV service can all be obtained for around $135 plus taxes.

Cheapest TV Uverse vs Xfinity

Who Has The Best Digital TV Platform

Uverse vs Xfinity – Transition to New Service

It seems to be a smoother transition to new service with AT&T as compared to that of Xfinity.  This may be a result of getting what you pay for in the case of pricing.  Comcast offers some of its plans without contracts and so does AT&T.  You are more likely to pay a higher price for AT&T’s no contract service than with Xfinity.  Time will decide if Comcast is making the right decision though in offering no contract services.  Historically, they have some of the worst customer service and satisfaction in the industry.

Comcast ranked as the 3rd worst company in 2013 for customer service so again price may not be the deciding factor for many.  When inquiring about discounts that AT&T offers it is clear when talking to sales representatives that they are not after the title of cheapest service provider.  AT&T knows its product will lose some subscribers since the price point is a bit higher than Comcast initially.  But they tend to rely on the AT&T name and history of customer satisfaction.  While ATandT offers incentives similar to competitors like Dish Network, Comcast, and DirecTV research has shown that Xfinity pricing is lower on average than AT&T.

Uverse vs Xfinity Customer Service

Based on customer data from Xfinity and AT&T customer service, AT&T ranks higher.  Many people individually however feel that in their specific situation there is no way the other company could be worse.  In achieving customer resolution and satisfaction from an objective standpoint AT&T ranked better.  But Comcast is doing better as of recent reports.  Comparing Uverse vs Xfinity, Comcast does offer a $20 guaranteed credit to your account if they miss an appointment.  The credit also applies should a technician be unable to repair service to the home at a scheduled repair appointment.  There are limitations to the credit though in the case of multiple trips for the same issue within a month timeframe.


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