Xfinity vs Google Fiber: Internet Fiber Speed and Internet TV

Xfinity vs Google Fiber in the internet fiber speed battle is just one of the latest of many competitions to engulf cities across America, Canada, and the UK.  As Google internet gobbles up existing dark fiber circuits that cover many metropolitan areas they are increasingly becoming a real competitor to Xfinity (Comcast).  In the war to settle who has the fastest internet speed there is now a new player.  More importantly, this new player has quite a positive reputation.  Furthermore you can tell from the latest commercials Xfinity has decided that it’s time to get the word out that Google fiber has its disadvantages when compared to Xfinity.  Specifically when it comes to in home Wifi the battle is heating up!

Xfinity vs Google Fiber Wifi

Comcast-Xfinity touts a fast in-home Wifi when compared to Google internet.  Comcast is making the claim in an effort to keep Google from intruding on its customer base of VoIP and paid cable TV subscribers.  Most noteworthy, Xfinity has been increasing its internet upload and download speed for years making it superior in most cases when comparing Xfinity vs AT&T U-Verse service.  Performing with download speeds of up to 12 Mbps for its standard internet compared to supposed bursts of 1 Gb with Google Fiber Xfinity is still comparable.  Remember Google is only touting its maximum package.  Xfinity can perform blasts of 20 Mbps.  Their Extreme 50 and Extreme 105 packages are the fastest with internet speeds of 50 Mbps and 105 Mbps respectively.

internet tv Xfinity vs google fiber

Not sure who is better in the internet tv wars Google Fiber vs Xfinity

As a result of innovation Google Fiber versus Xfinity internet connection speeds can be up to one gigabit per second.  That is 1,000 Mbps for both upload and download.  1,000 Mbps  is approximately 100 times faster than normal access in the US.  Google Fiber touts a 2 minute full-movie download for its subscriber base using Google Internet.

Does Google Fiber Cost Less?

According to their site Google’s Service plan options in the Atlanta area recently are:
TV + Fiber 1000: $130/month ($100 installation fee*)
Only Fiber 1000: $70/month ($100 installation fee*)
Fiber 100: $50/month ($100 installation fee*) * $100 installation fee waived with a one-year commitment to Fiber service.

In Conclusion, how does this stack up to Xfinity and AT&T?  Compare Google Fiber vs Xfinity (Comcast) vs AT&T

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