Does This Show Vladimir Putin Disguised As Tourist Meeting President

There has been some rumor that a photo taken by Barack Obama’s official photographer Pete Souza over 25 years ago is Vladimir Putin disguised as tourist.

vladimir putin disguised as tourist

Ronald Reagan on a trip to Moscow 1988. Vladimir Putin pretends to be a tourist
Source: pete souza / radio free europe

At the time Putin was a KGB spy supposedly in Dresden, a city in Communist East Germany. The claim has never been substantiated since the Kremlin would not tell reporters whether it is a young Vladimir Putin with camera and khakis in tow or not. The photo was taken in the summer of 1988 when President Ronald Reagan was with the General Secretary for the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev (you may remember him from his distinct birthmark). Gorbachev is shown to the right and behind Reagan in the photo. Vladimir Putin disguised as tourist would be the one right behind the small boy about to shake President Reagan’s hand in the white striped shirt.

The man that took the photo Pete Souza was also President Reagan’s official photographer at the time, and he has announced that he fully believes the photo does show Vladimir Putin disguised as tourist and not just a similar looking individual. In the background you can see Russia’s famous Red Square, which is located in Moscow. Other photos have surfaced like this one below reportedly showing a similar looking figure to the blonde haired man reported to be Vladimir Putin disguised as tourist in the top picture.

Vladimir Putin

Is this another photo showing a young KGB agent Vladimir Putin close to President Reagan? Source: Pete Souza

Some officials privately hold the idea that the KGB originally hatched the scheme to have Vladimir Putin disguised as tourist to embarrass the US President by asking pointed questions during a “chance” encounter that would be seen by the public as an honest dialogue with a Russian citizen.   Souza, the photographer claimed that most all the “tourists” during these types of meet and greets with dignitaries like this were really KGB agents disguised as average people during the days of the Soviet Union.

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