Stocks and Shares Chart – Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Tech Analysis Tips!

All the large and small brokerage firms have a desire to satisfy customers trading stocks and shares in the open market. In order for a customer to feel confident in purchasing particular stock instruments they need to know whether the market is undervaluing those stocks at the moment. If they are looking to sell they want to know they aren’t leaving any future gains on the table also. Valuing a company’s stock can be a very tedious venture. While many analysts taught from the same ivy-league school can vary widely in their estimates of value, the fundamental starting place is always the stock’s price!

Use Real Time Stocks and Shares Tools like an eTrade Pro!

A single stock price at a moment in time tells very little to nothing about a stock’s value.  Analyzing price history, volatility to fluctuations, and comparisons to indexes such as the Dow Jones and S&P Averages help to paint the necessary picture for an investor. The stock analysis chart above is a great tool to look-up company stocks and shares.

Instructions to Use the Stock Chart Tools:

1. Click on the Stock Symbol and enter your stock to analyze – default is set to Apple stock (AAPL). If you are unsure of the symbol, start typing the company name and the tool will make suggestions.
2. Set your chart timeline as desired. Default is 1 day, in Zulu (UTC) time.
3. Use the top toolbar to set time intervals, change the graph type, and compare the chosen stock with other stocks or indexes like the Dow or S&P. hint: Click on the weight scale.
4. Details can be toggled on and off via the magnifying glass.
5. The side toolbar gives stock details and clicking the symbol next to the tools button opens up some valuable technical analysis of the company’s shares.

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