La Voz Kids Number 1?

According to Comcast, Telemundo Media’s 2nd season of La Voz Kids was seen by almost 3.5 million viewers on Sunday March 16, 2014.  Should you load up your age 7 to fifteen year old kid and head to Universal Studios Florida for a chance to compete? The winner could get a recording contract and scholarship […]

Does Location Matter? Comcast Houston vs Comcast Boston

Back on February 4, 2014 Comcast Xfinity announced it would launch its Xfinity X1 live in-home streaming TV and cloud DVR technology to new Xfinity TV customers in its Boston service region. This action prompts the question, does location matter when it comes to what Comcast services are offered for similar markets. Comcast Houston is […]

3 Things You Dont Know About Xfinity Black

Xfinity Black was released in a continuing commitment to diversity spanning 50 years since Comcast’s beginning days.  Its release in 2013 does not come without some controversy.  While affinity groups within Comcast’s employment organization exist for women and other minorities, African-Americans remain the only racial group within the Xfinity Comcast conglomerate to receive their own […]