Don’t Use The IRS As A Piggy Bank: Tax Withholding vs Tax Liability

Do you like using the federal government for your savings? If the answer is no you may want a better understanding of tax withholding vs tax liability as it relates to your paycheck. The truth is the government pays you an astounding 0% annual interest return on your money, and yet many of us still […]

Should I Itemize Deductions On My Income Taxes This Year?

There are two basic ways to approach the question “should I itemize deductions”  when you are ready to complete your federal and state income tax returns this year.  You can either itemize your deductions, or you can use what is called the standard deduction allowed by the IRS.  Obviously, you will want to choose the […]

Yo Adrian! 5 Ways to Knock Out Student Loan Debt

) If you graduated college or just took some classes using what seemed like it was free government money, you are probably being stalked by student loan debt.  Like the Uncle Ted in the bathroom…they just won’t go away and leave you alone!  It turns out that 65% of Americans that graduate from college with […]

Answers To All IRS Online Tax Filing and EFile Questions

The IRS has developed an interactive way to answer efile, online tax filing, and tax law questions for individuals and families that do not have the ability to have their own accountant or CPA on speed dial.  Depending on the tax filing topic, the IRS interactive tool asks you some simple questions and based on […]

What Paperwork and Tax Documents Do I Need To E-File Taxes?

In order to complete your tax returns whether or not you use E file or a free tax filing service, you will need all of your tax forms consisting of one or more of the following: W-2 income statements from your employer(s) for the entire previous year.  You will receive all W-2 statements by January […]

Does Your Paycheck Vary? How To Calculate Income Tax Deductions Anytime

Whenever someone starts a new job or is an hourly employee they often have a hard time determining how to calculate income tax deductions  and how much of their paycheck they will actually get to keep.  Many people live paycheck to paycheck, which compounds the problem, and since some of them do not work the […]