3 Things You Dont Know About Xfinity Black

Xfinity Black was released in a continuing commitment to diversity spanning 50 years since Comcast’s beginning days.  Its release in 2013 does not come without some controversy.  While affinity groups within Comcast’s employment organization exist for women and other minorities, African-Americans remain the only racial group within the Xfinity Comcast conglomerate to receive their own […]

ATT Uverse vs Comcast Xfinity TV On Demand and Remote DVR Options

If you are looking for On Demand TV viewing options, you might be interested in comparing AT&T Uverse vs Comcast.  There is quite a competition going on right now between the two company’s TV and internet packages, and it is probably because both services overall are good.  Comcast Xfinity TV and Uverse are well placed […]

Uverse vs Xfinity X1 – The Winner May Surprise You

If you are in the market for new cable TV service you have probably noticed a competition going on between AT&T Uverse vs Xfinity X1.  X1 is being launched as the newest upgrade to Comcast’s television service platform in response to the AT and T Uverse package.  Although both TV services offer high definition TV to […]