3D Printing Available To The Masses! Enter The Micro From M3D

Whether your business is looking to rapid prototype a gadget or get your product into the hands of consumers for testing, M3D wants to help you.  The Micro from M3D is being labeled as the first 3D printer available to the masses according to its creator.  Using Micro Motion Technology the 3D printer proposes to be a long running, low maintenance piece of manufacturing equipment, and it is quite lightweight and smaller in size than many paper office printers are now.  the auto-leveling technology used comes amidst other innovations that the company says will lead it into the market for many small businesses and consumers.

M3D 3D printer

It Comes in 5 colors, but pretty soon you may see more added!

M3D Specs

The Micro uses either the company’s proprietary filament spools or standard 1.75 millimeter spools and accepts ABS plastics or PLA plastics.  These are the materials that are used for the print material itself if you are not already familiar with the gadget itself.  The cost to the public has been set at $249, but prices to get one of the first ones may be closer to $1,000.  plans are to have the new Micro available by March 2015.

3D Printing Problems

In the past, the major problem with 3D printers has been the software that operates the printers.  This problem has not been overcome to date, but M3D promises that it has developed a much easier and user-friendly experience that will help get your prototypes to market quicker and with much less production costs.  You can check out their video of the Micro in operation here:

3D Printing Copyright and Licensing

One additional issue that may arise in the near future with mass 3D printing is that small products that are easily printed may be copied illegally, and it would never be known by the public, which could hurt innovation and invention research and development.  People could decide that patenting and licensing items that could be 3D printed is not worth the time and effort, but it is difficult to argue that this technology is anything but a plus!

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