Is TextNow The Cheapest No Contract Smartphone Plan At $18.99/Month

Cheapest No contract smartphone plan by TextNow

T-Mobile, Boost, StraightTalk, and others have fresh competition in the quest for Cheapest No Contract Smartphone Plan

Will TextNow be declared the cheapest no contract smartphone plan with its latest offering?  It looks like the unlimited low cost mobile phone service market has just expanded, and it includes smartphones with data for less than $20 per month.

TextNow, which historically has been a free text and messaging app offered through iTunes has just released its new cheapest no contract smartphone plan mobile phone service for $18.99 per month.  It includes unlimited incoming calls, unlimited texting, call forwarding, and voicemail along with 500 Mb of data and 750 roll-over phone minutes.

Companies like StraightTalk for example in comparison are in the $30 range up to $45 per month for similar service.  There are two smartphones that can be used with the TextNow service since you cannot currently bring your own cell phone to the company.  The Samsung Galaxy SII can be purchased for $120 and the Samsung Nexus S for $90 are the two options offered by TextNow, and both phones are refurbished models.   If you are looking for more data or phone minutes for your smartphone TextNow offers 1Gb of data and 1,250 phone minutes for $26.99 or 2 Gb of data and 2,000 phone minutes for $39.99.  In both cases the phone minutes can be rolled over.

samsung s2 on TextNow Pre-Paid Cheapest No Contract Smartphone Plan

Samsung Galaxy SII on TextNow’s Bid For Cheapest No Contract Smartphone Plan

Features of TextNow’s Cheapest No Contract Smartphone Plan

One really nice feature of TextNow is that there are no overcharge fees should your minutes or data run out in a particular month.  Many potential customers of pre-paid or no contract phone companies sight such overcharging as a block to them going with that type of service.  Textnow will simply prompt its customers to upgrade to the higher monthly plan should data or phone minutes reach their limit.  In terms of the technology, TextNow utilizes Sprint networks for its service when Wi-Fi is unavailable.  One of the reasons the service can be so affordable is its use of Wi-Fi infrastructure that it already uses for its iTunes app.  In fact, Textnow built its mobile phone service on top of that existing IP framework, which again helps them achieve the discount carrier capability.

It will be interesting to see what occurs with the addition of other smartphones into the TextNow offerings and the ability to BYOS (Bring Your Own Smartphone) in the coming months as the company plans both in the future.  We will keep you posted of the cheapest no contract smartphone plan champion in the coming months.

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