Does Location Matter? Comcast Houston vs Comcast Boston

Back on February 4, 2014 Comcast Xfinity announced it would launch its Xfinity X1 live in-home streaming TV and cloud DVR technology to new Xfinity TV customers in its Boston service region. This action prompts the question, does location matter when it comes to what Comcast services are offered for similar markets. Comcast Houston is a similar market to Comcast Boston so we look at Comcast cable and internet service additions as of lately.

Comcast Boston

With the latest updates to Xfinity X1, customers can now watch DVR recordings on their devices in the home without any distinction between whether the device is a computer, tablet, phone, or TV monitor. They can download DVR recorded content to take with them on the go as well. The live streaming TV feature provides access to a subscriber’s channel lineup, and the X1 guide can be installed on devices to control the television in the home instead of using a standard remote. What this feature does is one step closer to de-coupling a subscriber’s account from their home location so that technically in the future they can go to any TV monitor with high speed internet access even outside the home and stream content (their entire TV channel lineup) to that monitor.

For times when subscribers are in their own home, they will be able to watch DVR recordings over Xfinity’s managed IP network on computers and mobile devices or download them directly to a mobile device to take with them. Comcast launched a new Xfinity TV app for iOS tablets and smartphones with a dedicated portal for viewing on tablets and computers that can be downloaded simply from the App store. Once a customer downloads the app, they sign in with Comcast account credentials and are immediately given access to their full channel lineup.

Comcast will be rolling out these additional features to other markets like Comcast Houston at some time in 2014 according to Comcast representatives.

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