ATT Uverse vs Comcast Xfinity TV On Demand and Remote DVR Options

If you are looking for On Demand TV viewing options, you might be interested in comparing AT&T Uverse vs Comcast.  There is quite a competition going on right now between the two company’s TV and internet packages, and it is probably because both services overall are good.  Comcast Xfinity TV and Uverse are well placed in the TV markets with their X1 and Uverse platforms.  This basically just means they have good customer bases and neither is in the beta testing phases of the technology they provide.

ATT Uverse prices are a little higher, and as you should expect they have a bit better customer service because of it.  ATT Uverse speed when it comes to changing the channels using the remote is slower to react compared to that of Comcast Xfinity.

ATT Uverse vs Comcast On Demand Features

When it comes to On Demand options Comcast seems to have the edge.  Comcast Xfinity On Demand has a vast array of TV series and movies that is far superior to the On Demand TV offered by AT&T.

Xfinity TV

When you first press the Xfinity button on your Comcast X1 remote you are given a menu that displays options for the TV channel directory, your saved DVR choices, a search feature, and On Demand TV possibilities.  The On Demand screen, which also displays the StreamPix feature shows the fancy DVD box poster of all the TV series, TV Networks, and movies available with Comcast Xfinity On Demand.  From this screen you can choose shows to watch from the available TV series or networks such as CBS, NBC, A&E, Discovery, etc.  A nice feature is the available kids section, which has family friendly shows from Disney and ABC Family as well as classic cartoon series like Inspector Gadget and Looney Tunes.  Entire seasons of past television series are found on Xfinity Cable On Demand.

Movie options are also a plus from Comcast since they offer Free and paid choices.  There are some good free movie titles that can be viewed through StreamPix, and all of the newer titles can be rented for less than $5.  The paid movie prices depend on how long the movie has been released as one would expect.

To give an even more user friendly experience, Comcast is teaming with Apple to offer Xfinity Apple TV.

ATT U verse

uverse vs comcast best cable company

Who reigns supreme as the best cable company

The On Demand features for AT&T Uverse vs Comcast are more limited.  It seems as though ATT has focused more on its whole home DVR and customer service experience rather than on its selection of TV and movie choices On Demand.  There are far fewer TV shows and movies that can be accessed through Uverse vs Comcast at first glance.  ATT has a similar menu to Xfinity that comes up on its On Demand screen when you press Menu on the remote.  From there you can choose TV series choices and the main difference is the availability of past shows.  Uverse for example may only have one or two episodes of a TV series, and their availability to view is likely to expire within a month or so.  The movie choices are also limited, and the free titles are typically more on the B level.  Again, the ATT U verse platform is very stable with few outages, and customer satisfaction is better than with Comcast.  However, if On Demand viewing is your sticking point consider internet and TV bundles from Xfinity cable.

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