How Graphene Will Change Everything!

You thought Google Glass would be a game changer, Welcome Graphene!  It could influence everything from your smartphone to your health, even down to your rechargeable batteries!

Graphene uses phones batteries

Can Your Phone Do This? With Graphene It Can

Graphene material is a form of carbon that is stronger than steel and is able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without cracking or breaking.  This ability is called malleability, and although most metals such as copper and aluminum have some ability to be stretched and deformed, never like this!  Graphene could change how most current hand-held devices we use perform and feel.

Graphene Phones and Screens

Imagine all the little scratches and dings your smartphone takes in your pocket or in your purse…not anymore!  Since graphene is stronger than steel and yet lighter than a paperclip in the case of a phone screen your phone will be almost indestructible with the new material.  It is flexible like a rubberized substance yet with all the high strength properties of metal.  It is truly a super material.

The Science of Graphene

Carbon atoms are layered in two-dimensional sheets that allow the substance to stretch in size up to 20%, while retaining its physical strength properties.  Not only does it retain its strength, it is extremely lightweight!  According to researchers, flexible monitors and television displays that can be worn on the body have been experimented with by manufacturers such as Samsung.  Research and development departments are testing the ability to create complex shapes that would otherwise be unfathomable with current materials.  It is being tested in rechargeable batteries, and they have been reported to have lasted as long as a week on a single charge, while charging in as little as 15 minutes.  Compare that to traditional batteries.

Graphene repels water so if dropping your phone or other handheld device in the toilet or pool is of concern then you will be very interested in devices made from it. 

Could you imagine folding up your 80 inch television after using it for the evening!

 A Healthier You With Graphene

The Fitbug could be taken to a completely new level with graphene.  Medical manufacturers and researchers are discussing the possibility of graphene sensors that can record vital signs and monitor major body systems and even interact with medical equipment inside the body.

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