GTA Wiki – Why So Popular?

Since the days when Nintendo and Sega game consoles began to replace arcades as the normal outlet for bright eyed teens and adolescents, kids have been searching for ways to get a leg up on the competition. No wonder GTA wiki and other similar forums are so popular these days. Online video game forums got their start as cheat code magazines back in the days of Nintendo when up down up down left right left right B A start got you nine lives on the game Contra.

GTA Wiki was developed because of the wildly successful video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

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GTA History

Grand Theft Auto was created by Mike Dailly and David Jones then by Sam and Dan Houser, two brothers that along with Zachary Clarke a game designer further developed the game’s history. Published by Rockstar games the series is a play on the legal term grand theft auto referring to the theft of a motor vehicle. Players of the game choose a mission that allows the characters to drive and race vehicles, shoot other characters and adversaries, and attempt to climb the ranks of the criminal gangland. The characters also progress the overall story-line in a role playing atmosphere. A group called DMA Design initiated the series in 1997 with Grand Theft Auto III being the most popular of the series. There are 10 games in the series with four expansion packs.

What is GTA Wiki?

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GTA is not the game console from your childhood

GTA Wiki is a database forum that according to its servicers is dedicated to collecting all information relating to the GTA series. It is a community based forum that allows contributors to make additions for the overall knowledge of the group and can be as specific as the contributors want. The creators envisioned a central repository because the series has so many options because of the different cities, characters, and scenarios allowed in the games progression. The game’s players can research historical data on the specific role of one of the characters or the outcomes of making certain decisions within the game itself.

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