Home Security Systems Atlanta? You Can Do It Yourself Instead…Easily

Given up on finding home security systems Atlanta?  Every day I hear on the radio or television about how this company or that company has the best home security system and home alarm monitoring, but when you read the fine print the walk doesn’t add up to the talk.  Major cable and home entertainment companies like Comcast  Xfinity have begun offering this service as well because they understand that home owners often are willing to sign up for monthly monitoring of their home as an add-on to their existing services to give them peace of mind.  It is also another way to create loyalty to their brand.  Home security companies like Alarm Force, ADT, etc. have been in the game for years offering services that I don’t necessarily recommend because they either like you to pay for the equipment up-front (at a higher price) or sign a contract for 2 – 3 years so that you can spread the cost of the installation and equipment out over the term of the agreement.

No Need For Home Alarm Monitoring Contracts Anymore…Why?

Finally, a company has entered the market that allows you to purchase home security for minimal cost and NO CONTRACT!!  Enter Simpli Safe.  With Simpli Safe you can purchase your home security equipment yourself, install it yourself (really it is easy no professional needed) and get monthly home alarm monitoring for around $15 with no monitoring contract.  Most companies like to lock you into a 2 or 3 year monitoring contract.  I am not against other alarm companies, I am just for Simpli Safe, and no I am not getting paid anything for this article or my recommendation.  Some home security companies in Atlanta and elsewhere promise monthly monitoring for less than $20, but if you have do not have a home phone (landline) the costs of cell monitoring are double…not with Simpli Safe.  They offer home security system

The Cost of This Home Security Equipment, Is It That Cheap?

safe home security systems atlanta

Dave Ramsey also recommends this safe home security company

There are reputable home security systems providers out there, but many companies like to build their profit into the cost of the equipment and installation because they know most homeowners prefer not to come out of pocket up front and/or they don’t want the hassle of installing the equipment themselves.  Simpli Safe sells new equipment starting at less than $300 brand new or you can also choose refurbished equipment that has their guarantee as if it was new for less than that.  Many people have touted that they installed the equipment in less than 30 minutes and were ready to go!  So before you sign on the dotted line with another installer of home security systems Atlanta or any other city, google Simpli Safe and see if they may be a better option for your home security peace of mind!  Let me know what you think of them and if you agree or disagree.  I will update this article with your experience.

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