Need Product Design or Computer Aided Design (CADD)?  3 Free Options

Computer Aided Design CADD

Looking to Move Out Of The 1900’s With Computer Aided Drafting?

Pay for Computer Aided Design CAD Software?  That’s a hard bargain…

for most of us as individuals or small businesses because of how expensive it can be.  Whether you are looking for simple product design or need to sketch out what a home renovation will look like to give you a frame of reference you probably would like some FREE options.

However, in years past purchasing AutoCAD or in more recent years other three-dimensional design software packages is not worth the cost for the amount of use.  It is cost prohibitive.  Most proprietors would tend to offer packages by the seat that would cost in the thousands of dollars down to the hundreds and perhaps you only want to open a few drawings here and there or sketch out a few designs that keep you awake at night.  Let’s look at three computer aided design tools that won’t cost you anything, yet they offer enough functionality to do what you need quickly and without a training class.

SketchUp – Computer Aided Design

Formerly Google Sketchup, it is a 3D modeling software and computer aided design program for uses such as architectural, mechanical, and civil  engineering.  It can also be utilized for film, interior design, and video game design.  SketchUp Make is the free version, and there is also a paid version called SketchUp Pro that offers additional functionality.  Trimble Navigation purchased the 3D design software from Google in 2012 after Google had made it widely popular since purchasing it in 2006.  Originally, Google purchased the application from @Last Software, which was co-founded by Brad Schell and Joe Esch from Boulder Colorado.

Download the 3D software From its current owners Trimble Navigation for personal use at:  Sketchup for Personal Use Or you can download a free version of Google Sketchup at:  Google Sketchup Download.

Draftsight – For Product Design

Draftsight is probably a favorite of mine for CAD modeling software for anyone that has used AutoCAD or similar before.  The functionality is comparable to an architectural 2D program you may have used for drafting and design at the enterprise level at work.  Draftsight is available from Dassault Systemes and opens any existing .dwg files you may have created in AutoCAD or any other CAD/CAM package that produces .dwg files.

Download a free version of Draftsight or investigate the professional and enterprise versions of the software at:   Draftsight CAD Software

TurboCAD – 3D CAD

TurboCAD has a variety of 2D and 3D packages for different types of product and architectural design.  It is not as well-known as Sketchup for its freeware versions, but it is worth checking out if you are looking for a personal use or to try out for functionality with your business needs.  You can find various free trials of TurboCAD at TurboCAD 3D modeling Software.

Other 3D Design Software

3D programs such as CATiA and Solidworks for Aerospace and Mechanical applications are widely used across the industry in addition to traditional 2D and architectural packages such as AutoCAD.

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