3 Things You Dont Know About Xfinity Black

Xfinity Black was released in a continuing commitment to diversity spanning 50 years since Comcast’s beginning days.  Its release in 2013 does not come without some controversy.  While affinity groups within Comcast’s employment organization exist for women and other minorities, African-Americans remain the only racial group within the Xfinity Comcast conglomerate to receive their own micro-website specifically targeted at stories and information for the black community.  To give an update, here are some of the things you need to know about the site and its content.

Comcast Xfinity Black

Exclusive content from “His Dream Our Stories” is on Xfinity Black

1.  Celebrity Editors like Arsenio Hall Contribute Recommendations to Xfinity Black

Exclusive interviews and other content that has been recommended by celebrity editors such as Tamron Hall, Wayne Brady, Arsenio Hall, and Melissa Harris-Perry are featured at Xfinity Black.  Free collections of movies, editorial interviews, and other content has been compiled from the likes of Encore Black (Starz), FUSE, and BBC America to drive traffic to the site.

2.  In Celebration of Black History Month Xfinity Black Features Special Content

The Xfinity Black website as well as the Xfinity On-Demand content library has been updated to include exclusive historical interviews in reference to the Black History celebration from this February.

  • Former mayor of Little Rock, AR Lottie Shackelford talks about her childhood growing up amidst segregation and discrimination and her election campaign to the Little Rock City Council and eventually Mayor.
  • The Reverend Al Sharpton discusses growing up in eastern New York, his first memories of segregation and racism, and his path to becoming one of the most recognizable Civil Rights figures in the nation.
  • Wilma Cobb’s efforts in the Colorado State legislature to honor Martin Luther King Jr. with a holiday in Colorado back in the early 1980’s.
  • Joe Billingslea from the recording group The Contours discusses the discrimination Motown artists faced in the south and tells about an experience he had involving Martin Luther King, Jr and Motown Records.
  • Nolan Atkinson on attending the Civil Rights march on Washington D.C in 1963 and discussions with Pro Baseball player Jackie Robinson after the March.

3.  Xfinity Black originated from Comcast’s Commitment to Diversity in 5 Key Areas

1.             Diversity in governance

2.             Attracting and retaining a multicultural workforce

3.             Developing a diverse supplier base

4.             Offering a wide selection of multicultural programming

5.             Community investment in national, regional and local diverse organizations

It is not clear if other companies such as AT&T will follow suit with similar content driven to market to specific groups.

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